by Rev. Rashie Kennedy

The night of April 26, 1998, 'the Word "depend" kept me awake for about two hours. I could not sleep because of thinking and meditating on this word. I got up and began writing. The 26th was on Sunday. I had been to church at Folkstone Free Will Baptist Church. On Sunday night, Kathleen Kennedy, two daughters, Linda and Shirley and granddaughter took us to Verona Free Will Baptist Church to a Baptismal service. My wife's grandson was being baptized.

I had heard the word "Independence" spoken of during that Sunday and Sunday night. It occurred to me that that word was very inappropriate for a Christian. To me, the word "Dependence" is more appropriate. Remove the "in" from independence and you have dependence.

Another word that carries the meaning is "rely." Rely means to trust or depend. I could not find the word "depend" in the Bible concordance, but I found the word "rely" in 2 Chronicles 13:18 and also in 2 Chronicles 16:7, 8.

The words "trust" and "confidence" stand out as the true meaning as they pertain to Christians' attitude toward one another. Let me illustrate the word trust. It is like sitting down in a chair. We put complete trust in the chair, that it will hold us up. We surrender our complete weight upon the chair. When we lie down at night, we trust the bed to hold us up. In other words, we are completely confident the bed will hold us up and we will have a good night's rest.

The word "trust" is the same as the word "faith." Trust or faith runs through the Bible like a thread runs through a garment. It is interwoven so that all parts are held together. We have faith in the Bible, that it is God's inspired Word

   --- He is the great i Am. We have faith in God's only Son Jesus Christ

and our Saviour. We have faith in the Holy Spirit who dwells in our hearts as Christians. We believe all the writers of the Bible were inspired by the Holy Spirit to write the very Words of God. Surely we trust this to be an actual fact we can depend upon! YesI Yes! Yes!

With humankind this dependence starts with conception. The unborn child is completely dependent upon the mother. As goes the mother, so goes the unborn child. As goes the mother and dad, so goes the child after it is born. The parents then must not depend on the physician or those who assisted in the delivery. They must depend on God who created them. Read 2 Chronicles 16:12-14. Read the whole chapter. Asa was king. Verse 12 says that Asa, in the thirty-ninth year of his reign, was diseased in his feet and the disease was exceedingly great; yet, Asa sought not the Lord but the physician, and Asa slept with his fathers and died in the forty-first year of his reign. This is saying that Asa died early because he did not depend upon the Lord.

The Apostle Paul said it in this way; "For the wages of sin is death: but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord" (Romans 6:23). Read the whole book of Romans, and especially Chapters 6-8.

We must depend upon the Lord or die in sin, with life cut short like Asa. Not only with life cut Short, but we must suffer the awful penalty and consequences that result from sinning in this life. The only remedy is Christ received into the heart (John 3:16), and for the Christian to stay in fellowship. First John 1:9 is the remedy. Galatians 5:22 is the fruit of this fellowship. We can depend on this kind of fellowship to keep us saved and on track with God and with our fellow Christians.

The question to each one of us is, "Can we depend on God?" Certainly we cannot be independent of God. And- we should not be independent of each other. So let us take the “in” off and depend upon God and each other. '